Monday, August 30, 2010

Sabado Night

Just a quick post of what I wore last Saturday night:
In fairness I really like the effect of this photo, though the way the light touches the face is very..."Are You Afraid of the Dark"-ish. 
Happy Monday morning to everyone!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Waka Waka Dream

A few weeks ago I had a dream conversation with some friends. We were wondering why dreams can be so weird, some dreams are understandable, while some completely make no sense.  Some seem lifelike, while others just really boggle your mind. Sometimes I've had dreams that have no words, like a silent movie that has no meaning. Isn't it crazy how our subconscious can tell us things through our dreams?
Do you dream in black and white or in color?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Channeling 90's Vibe

Jane tries to channel a bit of the 90s:
Born just a year before the 90's, I was too young to experience the shoulder pad era.  Not that this shirt has shoulder pads, but it looks like it belongs in the same category.  I was sorting through mom's things (which I love to do) while she's away on vacation and found some stuff that I could still actually wear, with the help of some accesories.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elle and Sedaris

I had no idea one could find a great book at a bargain in National Bookstore. Among the piles of over-commercialized self help books and teenage vampire novels, I found this Elle Style of the 1980's book, at 75% off. It was lost underneath the pile, practically almost on the floor, that I wouldn't have seen it if I were in a hurry. When I saw it, I almost gasped. I felt like it was waiting for me.
The 80's has contibuted so much to what we know is fashion today.  It was a decade of individualism and extremes, and this book filled with photos covered much of who were in the frontline of fashion design then, such as Azzedine Alaia, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, and of course, Karl Lagerfeld.    

Aside from this Elle book, I also got a copy of David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice.  Amazing book. His humor got me literally rolling on the floor laughing. I finished the book in just one sitting.  I found out about him when he came here to do a book signing.  Check out his works if you've got time.

I'm off to work for now, til later, tata!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Owl

Meet my newfound friend, the owl.
Lately I've been feeling a lot like an owl myself.  I'm having trouble sleeping, and I'm not sure if it's because of stress or the lack of it...and no, I haven't been drinking caffeine either.  Sometimes I wake up early in the morning, way before my alarm, then I have trouble getting back to sleep. Does that happen to you? And does it bother you?
On a different note, I just saw in the news that one of my favorite comedians, Neil Patrick Harris, or Barney in How I Met your Mother,  is having twins with his partner David Burtka.  Isn't that amazing?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Casual Tim: The Graphic Artist

I've been studying photography for some time now, taking some courses here and there...but hardly really applying it.  Last weekend me and my brother did a shoot with Tim, one of his friends. Luckily he agreed, he chose street art, and we found this perfect wall with graffiti.  He hasn't seen the photos yet, but I hope he'll like them...I imagine he must have certain standards when it comes to visual arts, since he's a visual artist.

Some teachers I've had in photography have often said that the human skin tone should remain as it is. Obviously I'm not following their rules, since my subject here looks rather glum and sickly in most photos. (haha) Do forgive me if you get annoyed with my apparent interest in bluish tint.  I have a growing fondness of the cold tone right now, which I'm sure will fade in time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sheer & Floral

Jane tries...sheer and floral:
In a country where jeans and shirts are staples of the masses and dresses are often reserved for Sundays or for girly-girls only, I dared to walk on the streets wearing this.  If you walk around wearing something like this in Greenbelt, you can often pass by unnoticed. But if you wear this around other more populated areas in the metro, you're bound to get looks that range from "okay..." to "she must be crazy" because it looks a lot like just lingerie.  I don't want to seem too vain and I definitely don't like having eyes on me because of what I'm wearing.  Only in a blue moon do I go as drag (haha) and as girly as this.
Photographed by John See

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Surprises

Just this Saturday, me and my friends went out... not really to celebrate the eve of my birthday but just to see each other.  We had dinner at Sakae Sushi, the sushi place with the conveyer belt, then watched the Jolie movie SALT after. 
The funny thing was my friends didn't give any hints that they remembered my birthday was the next day. That was fine with me, I wasn't really feeling celebratory.  But then they surprised me with this yummy cake after dinner. 
 I love my friends. We didn't get to eat it though because we were running late for the movie, so I had to bring it home. Now I can't really finish this whole on my cake anyone? :)

So yesterday, August 8, all I had in my plans was to have lunch with my brother and our friend Dennis at somewhere quiet, so we chose Nomnomnom, a great Italian resto near us which is totally a hole in the wall, since you'd have a hard time finding it if it was your first time. Aside from that, our only plan for the day was to attend a wedding of a family friend at Makati Shang in the evening and fill our gastronomic appetite there.
To my surprise, my brother had set up a surprise for me in the afternoon at Cafe Breton.  I thought all my sisters had different appointments for the day, so I really wasn't expecting to celebrate with any of them.  I was beginning to feel something was fishy when he insisted we had afternoon coffee and desserts at Cafe Breton, when I was hinting that I wanted gelato somewhere like Cara Mia for desserts instead.
Super love it... We're almost complete, except for Mum and Dad, who are both in Shanghai for the expo, and my sister Ross, who just gave birth.
I had yummy Adam and Eve, which is basically apple crepe with vanilla ice cream.
Now that I'm 21, I wonder what's next in store for me? ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cosmic Invader or just a Star Spangled Banner

I got this cool shirt from Hong Kong last month and decided to tech it up a bit.  It's a bit too all-American to me, honestly. 
Speaking of patriotism, everywhere I look is a poster or a billboard of our newly appointed president Noy Aquino. We tried avoiding the traffic at Roxas Boulevard yesterday but were unlucky because we had no idea LSGH had something special going on for the Death anniversary of Cory Aquino as well.  It felt like the traffic was trying to meet us everywhere we tried to go.
Back to the sweater, I really liked it when I saw it, even if it's not my country's flag.

 Have a great week ahead everyone! :)

Alessandra Ambrosio for Russh

I saw the Alessandra Ambrosio editorial for Russh and I really liked it. The story I'm getting is similar to the fate of Sisa, a famous character in Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere.  Except this one's a fashionista lost in the chaos of a big city.  She emanates a certain peace with beautiful airy garments in contrast with the dark and haunting surroundings. Photography by Will Davidson and styled by the beautiful Stevie Dance.
Love the Dion Lee dress, I'm mystified as to how one can wear it without getting tangled.
source: fashiongonerogue