Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cosmic Invader or just a Star Spangled Banner

I got this cool shirt from Hong Kong last month and decided to tech it up a bit.  It's a bit too all-American to me, honestly. 
Speaking of patriotism, everywhere I look is a poster or a billboard of our newly appointed president Noy Aquino. We tried avoiding the traffic at Roxas Boulevard yesterday but were unlucky because we had no idea LSGH had something special going on for the Death anniversary of Cory Aquino as well.  It felt like the traffic was trying to meet us everywhere we tried to go.
Back to the sweater, I really liked it when I saw it, even if it's not my country's flag.

 Have a great week ahead everyone! :)


  1. very cute top! i like it alot and i m really digging that jean vest in your post its perfect!!

  2. love that top! obviously- im american. but i know what you mean about other countries flags. theres just something about a foreign flag that feels so exotic! anyway- it looks cute on you!
    xx. alyssa

  3. What a cute top =)
    You photos are very nice
    Like your blog a lot. Keep it up
    I will come again.
    Please visit my fashion blog, comments are welcome =)


  4. That's such a beautiful, cheerful top!
    Your first pictures made me think of Ziggy Stardust, from all of the neon colors!
    O u O

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  5. great top! who cares if its not your nation's flag, i live in the philies and actually dont own a single piece of patriotic clothing. shameless ;) sweet blog!



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