Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Surprises

Just this Saturday, me and my friends went out... not really to celebrate the eve of my birthday but just to see each other.  We had dinner at Sakae Sushi, the sushi place with the conveyer belt, then watched the Jolie movie SALT after. 
The funny thing was my friends didn't give any hints that they remembered my birthday was the next day. That was fine with me, I wasn't really feeling celebratory.  But then they surprised me with this yummy cake after dinner. 
 I love my friends. We didn't get to eat it though because we were running late for the movie, so I had to bring it home. Now I can't really finish this whole on my cake anyone? :)

So yesterday, August 8, all I had in my plans was to have lunch with my brother and our friend Dennis at somewhere quiet, so we chose Nomnomnom, a great Italian resto near us which is totally a hole in the wall, since you'd have a hard time finding it if it was your first time. Aside from that, our only plan for the day was to attend a wedding of a family friend at Makati Shang in the evening and fill our gastronomic appetite there.
To my surprise, my brother had set up a surprise for me in the afternoon at Cafe Breton.  I thought all my sisters had different appointments for the day, so I really wasn't expecting to celebrate with any of them.  I was beginning to feel something was fishy when he insisted we had afternoon coffee and desserts at Cafe Breton, when I was hinting that I wanted gelato somewhere like Cara Mia for desserts instead.
Super love it... We're almost complete, except for Mum and Dad, who are both in Shanghai for the expo, and my sister Ross, who just gave birth.
I had yummy Adam and Eve, which is basically apple crepe with vanilla ice cream.
Now that I'm 21, I wonder what's next in store for me? ;)

Have a great week ahead everyone!


  1. Aww! One of the sweetest birthdays, Mimoy! I'm sure you were sooo happy! :) Happy Birthday again! :)

  2. wow u had a lot of sushis...
    im hungry....

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  3. Tasty :)
    thanks for the sweet comment

  4. wow! what wonderful friends :) hope you had a fantastic day on your special day!


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