Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anagon's Collection

Last Saturday, we had a little photoshoot for the upcoming new releases from Anagon's Collection.  Here are some photos I took:
Our models CJ and Chesca... we've worked with CJ before when we got her as our model in a fashion show, while Chesca is Anagon's friend who's studying medicine to be a doctor someday.  They're both so easy to work with, which made the shoot a lot of fun. :)
And here is the designer herself... Ana Gonzales :)  What I like about her collection is that you're able to mix and match some of her accessories to make different looks, and the pieces are great especially if you're going for hippie/boheme. 
 If you like what you saw, check out her online shop here!  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Must-Have for this Rainy Season

(photos taken from different sources in the internet)
Does anyone know where one can get nice or decent rain boots in Manila? All I seem to see available are plastic firemen boots or botas.  It's been raining almost everyday, usually starting in the afternoon and lasting til early evening, and puddles have the tendency of rising to a very high level in the metro.  Anyone in their right mind wouldn't use suede or leather boots with this kinds of downpour.  The hunter boots are Jimmy Choo and the beige is Burberry...they're lalalove, but out of my budget.  I wonder where one can find treasures like these?

Til later,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Geek and his Alter Ego

As many of my friends know, my brother and I are really close.  We try a lot of crazy things together just for fun.  I shot these pics of him about two weeks ago and decided to share them in this blog, because I just find it cute.
Here we tried to channel a bit of Korean Pop Geekiness... what do you think? Pass or fail? :))
And then here we tried to see if he could pass as a rock star... or maybe just rock star-wannabe?
I don't know... but I'm quite reminded of an 80's or 90's music video in this shot. Haha.
Anyway, I'm super happy because he got me tickets to see Cats! We're finally going to see Cats, on July 31. Can't wait :)

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kape't Tinapay Mornings

I love waking up in the mornings to a good breakfast.  This particular morning, I woke up to a super enjoyable breakfast.  I noticed it's not really about what I ate, but rather who I had it with.

Moving on to the topic of my pictures, I am really proud of the shorts I'm wearing because I was able to distress them myself.  I cut off an old fading pair of loose jeans, and used sandpaper to come up with torn patches.  Luckily I was able to achieve a distressed look without destroying the jeans. :)

Nautilus shirtdress: Jessica; Black lace top: French Connection; Shorts: personally distressed; Necklace from the province of Zamboanga 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I am aware that I'm not exactly the best with words.  I often take random pictures then just try to come up with something to write about the photos, instead of doing it the other way around.  Yesterday I found this more evident, after taking some photos which I ended up liking, I realized I had no story behind the pictures. Do forgive me if I post a lot of nonsense in this blog.
Shirt: Samuel&Kevin, Shoes from local brand Confetti

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After seeing Karlascloset's past post about print and patterns, I got inspired to post about patterns myself.
 I'm wearing a Pucci inspired pattern skirt with a black jersey kimono blouse.
I love the underlying print of paisleys in the skirt, you won't notice them until you really examine the piece.
If you've got a favorite print or pattern piece, do share! I'd love to dedicate a post solely for prints and patterns :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 Things I LOVE about Hong Kong

For the first time ever, in my 20 years, I was able to travel alone, without family or close friends.  Well not really alone, since I was with a group I just met.  I just got back and it was amazing! It felt like I was seeing HK with fresh eyes now that I traveled alone.  There are so many things to love about HK: the people are gorgeous, the food is amazing, the views are to die for, the list just doesn't end. So I decided to list 10 reasons why I keep coming back to Hong Kong, in the form of pictures.  Here are my shots:

Number 1. The Skyline - is simply breathtaking. And this picture isn't even taken at nighttime.  To me it resembles mini Central Park in New York.  
2. The Landscapes - especially when you're high off the ground on a cable car praying the ride will go safely.  It's a bunch of thrills and it's exciting.
3. The Quaint Shops - who has ever heard of who? They're small and just feels personal.  Makes me feel like I stepped on treasure no one else saw.
4. Ocean Park - In my opinion, I'm better suited for Ocean Park than Disneyland.  I'm too old for the rides in Disneyland.  And the animals are gorgeous, there's not only fish, there's also pandas and turtles!
5. The Food - Unfortunately it didn't cross my mind to take pictures of roastings or Pekking Ducks found in shop windows while I was there. So I had to make do with pictures of what I brought home from the trip instead.
6. The Youthful Vibe - They look so young, hip, and much more energetic than I am...and yet I am just the same age as they are... 
7. The Mad Super Sale in July and August -  what more could I say?
8. The Street Lights - Up and down the boulevard...the lights are so welcoming.
9. The Street Fashion - this couple were really cute and sweet when I spotted them on the street. And they weren't the only ones. Lots of couples there looked amazing.
AND last but definitely not the least, at number 10. The Bustle - All that energy gets me hyped up.  I'm curious as to whether I can someday keep up with their pace?
I feel so tired from the trip but I can't wait to go back there again later this year.  If you're planning to go to Hong Kong, you should go now, or wait till December.  It's the summer season right now and there's sale everywhere.  Just a perfect combination. :)
Tata for now! - Jane

Friday, July 2, 2010

DIY Decorated Trench

Here's a new idea: Add some brooches, flag symbols, and what-have-yous to your trench...end result: avant-garde patriotic/dignitary.  I like the idea and I might just try it out one of these days.  I love this Vogue Gioiello Editorial “Time for a decorated trench” photographed by Phil Poynter and styled by Giovanna Battaglia.  It adds a twist to your humdrum trench and gives you reason to use your brooches.  It's like a DIY marching band blazer, which is one of my current obsessions.
(You can also use chunky necklaces as braided cords.)
I'm off to packing now for Hong Kong for next week, I shall be back soon!