Monday, September 27, 2010

Papemelroti Vintage

I passed by the train station yesterday and noticed that a man I regularly see hanging around there was no longer there.  He's about sixty, with salt and pepper hair and always sitting on the stairs with his backpack.  I was a regular user of the train during my student days, and had the weird belief that my days were somewhat better when I spotted him in the mornings.  He wasn't like the other beggars, he looked cleaner, or rather fairer, and he was always smiling, which drew me to giving him whatever food or few changes I had with me.  I'm not even sure if he was a beggar, but he never refused anything I gave him.  Anyway, I pondered on my memory of the old man for a while yesterday and ended up with no conclusion as to where he may be now.   

I was only planning to blog about a blazer I got from Papemelroti Vintage, and instead bombarded your screen with blabs about my random thoughts. Back to the jacket, I stumbled upon Papemelroti Vintage earlier this month. It's a store along A. Roces Avenue (right above the Chocolate Kiss Cafe) and they sell vintage stuff which according to the store keeper used to belong to the Papemelroti sisters.  Papemelroti is a brand here that's known for selling stationery and other paper products, they've got stores in almost all SM malls, and I was surprised to find out about this different store.  Do drop by if you're ever around the north area. They're very near Tomas Morato. 
I saw this blazer and really liked the buttons.  It's by a brand called Nipon Boutique, which according to my research is a line that no longer operates.  This info just adds to my impression of this jacket being very vintage. Love it.  :)
Til my next post,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

For the Love of Shorts

Love love love how these ladies make these shorts look so chic.  These are just some of my faves from the recently concluded NY and London fashion week.
How about you? What were your favorite looks?
(source: thesartorialist and fashiongonerogue)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Always a Weekend

Just this past Saturday, I decided to bring out my very vintage Bruno Magli ostrich leather bag with me.  It used to be mom's, but when one of my sisters volunteered to clean up mom's closet she decided to take it.  When it wasn't "in" anymore she got bored with it and now it's mine.  Fashion comes, fashion goes. I'm always the basket for hand-me-downs... but I'm not complaining.
I'm surprised it's still in very good condition even after all these years.

 I've noticed that many of my posts start with "this weekend..." Anyway, this weekend my brother and his friends planned to surprise Tim and Mary, my brother's friends who are both celebrating their birthdays soon, under the guise of a Mooncake party (complete with moon cakes and dice bowl games.)  Tim was the guy we took photos of with the graffiti wall, and Mary is kind of like my brother's best girl friend.  They all belong in the same group. They've been friends forever.
To make it seem more special, my brother decided to bake up a bunch of cupcakes, which I ended up doing more of since we both know I can't leave him in the kitchen.  He can be a havoc sometimes.
We even put up chinese lanterns outside to add some chinese flavor, since the Mooncake festival is a very traditional Chinese thing...
Good food and company always makes me wish that weekends never end. Now we have to get back to work.
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to Work

Yipee! Okay, I know this isn't like winning a photo contest or anything, but a photo I submitted to BBC has been chosen to be part of their photoblog.  Check out the link here

I took this photo over a year ago, when me and my friends were taking a class on photography.  I wasn't able to use the photo then, but now I'm glad I didn't delete it.

It's just another manic Monday, but I hope everyone will have a great week ahead! -Jane

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sunny Mornings, Rainy Evenings

My weather channel lately has been very predictable, though it's sunny in the morning, we can always expect downpours in the evening.  I recall days when I was still studying and rainy nights were so often, that I feel so drained and fall asleep as soon as I hit my bed without even looking at homework.  Now I'm experiencing it again, except this time I'm not coming home from school. 
What's bad is traffic can be a real horror when it rains here.  There's always a problem with the drainage system (which has never been fixed properly, nor will ever be in the near future), that scares the hell out of me when we're driving. Sometimes I feel like the water can almost get into the car, and that bugs me because I don't know anything about fixing cars and that might leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Anyway, because of this, an hour or so of my time ends up being eaten much while in traffic every night.   My apologies for not being able to blog lately.. I've also been doing someone's website during my free time, and I'm really glad that person liked it.
On an entirely different note, I saw an article in the paper yesterday about Bekimon, the youtube star, and I can't stop laughing. If you're Filipino and love bonggang humor, you should watch this -  Bekimon's video

Have a great weekend!