Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anagon's Collection

Last Saturday, we had a little photoshoot for the upcoming new releases from Anagon's Collection.  Here are some photos I took:
Our models CJ and Chesca... we've worked with CJ before when we got her as our model in a fashion show, while Chesca is Anagon's friend who's studying medicine to be a doctor someday.  They're both so easy to work with, which made the shoot a lot of fun. :)
And here is the designer herself... Ana Gonzales :)  What I like about her collection is that you're able to mix and match some of her accessories to make different looks, and the pieces are great especially if you're going for hippie/boheme. 
 If you like what you saw, check out her online shop here!  


  1. Yipee! I super like all the pics! Thanks talaga mimi! :D Galing!!!

  2. Thanks, Mimi! I really loved the headshots you took of me! :)

  3. I really like these shots...beautiful look.
    Great post and blog.

  4. Hey Chesca! Glad you liked the headshots! Had fun working with you guys! :)


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