Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 Things I LOVE about Hong Kong

For the first time ever, in my 20 years, I was able to travel alone, without family or close friends.  Well not really alone, since I was with a group I just met.  I just got back and it was amazing! It felt like I was seeing HK with fresh eyes now that I traveled alone.  There are so many things to love about HK: the people are gorgeous, the food is amazing, the views are to die for, the list just doesn't end. So I decided to list 10 reasons why I keep coming back to Hong Kong, in the form of pictures.  Here are my shots:

Number 1. The Skyline - is simply breathtaking. And this picture isn't even taken at nighttime.  To me it resembles mini Central Park in New York.  
2. The Landscapes - especially when you're high off the ground on a cable car praying the ride will go safely.  It's a bunch of thrills and it's exciting.
3. The Quaint Shops - who has ever heard of who? They're small and just feels personal.  Makes me feel like I stepped on treasure no one else saw.
4. Ocean Park - In my opinion, I'm better suited for Ocean Park than Disneyland.  I'm too old for the rides in Disneyland.  And the animals are gorgeous, there's not only fish, there's also pandas and turtles!
5. The Food - Unfortunately it didn't cross my mind to take pictures of roastings or Pekking Ducks found in shop windows while I was there. So I had to make do with pictures of what I brought home from the trip instead.
6. The Youthful Vibe - They look so young, hip, and much more energetic than I am...and yet I am just the same age as they are... 
7. The Mad Super Sale in July and August -  what more could I say?
8. The Street Lights - Up and down the boulevard...the lights are so welcoming.
9. The Street Fashion - this couple were really cute and sweet when I spotted them on the street. And they weren't the only ones. Lots of couples there looked amazing.
AND last but definitely not the least, at number 10. The Bustle - All that energy gets me hyped up.  I'm curious as to whether I can someday keep up with their pace?
I feel so tired from the trip but I can't wait to go back there again later this year.  If you're planning to go to Hong Kong, you should go now, or wait till December.  It's the summer season right now and there's sale everywhere.  Just a perfect combination. :)
Tata for now! - Jane


  1. i love hk! how about disney land? :) haha! anyway,i love ocean park din..but the streets nga the best: everyone's so fashionable di nakakahiya pumorma! :D
    i have to agree super fast-paced ng life nila, even the escalators of MTRs ang bilis! :D
    youre so brave mimi to go there "alone"! =)

  2. I totally agree with you na hindi nakakahiya pumorma sa streets nila! :) Unlike dito pagtitignan ka, hahaha :)


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