Thursday, August 12, 2010

Casual Tim: The Graphic Artist

I've been studying photography for some time now, taking some courses here and there...but hardly really applying it.  Last weekend me and my brother did a shoot with Tim, one of his friends. Luckily he agreed, he chose street art, and we found this perfect wall with graffiti.  He hasn't seen the photos yet, but I hope he'll like them...I imagine he must have certain standards when it comes to visual arts, since he's a visual artist.

Some teachers I've had in photography have often said that the human skin tone should remain as it is. Obviously I'm not following their rules, since my subject here looks rather glum and sickly in most photos. (haha) Do forgive me if you get annoyed with my apparent interest in bluish tint.  I have a growing fondness of the cold tone right now, which I'm sure will fade in time.


  1. The black and white photos are really nice; the one where he's smiling/laughing is my favorites, it looks so natural.


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