Friday, April 9, 2010

The Heat of Summer

The weather this summer has been crazy. Not a day has passed by this week when I didn't hear sirens of fire trucks. Today, as we were on the highway on our way back to Manila, we saw a huge factory burning, with the fire already burning through the ceiling. We later found out they are actually friends and customers of our family, and that the fire lasted for 12 hours and 100 (yes, one hundred) firetrucks had come and could not even stop the fire. Naturally, the fire was unstoppable because the factory was a huge fireplace, dealing a lot with wood products.

My brother snapped this photo of my back, if you're wondering why I'm wearing long sleeves when it's uber scorching hot, it's because I'm also uber sunburned from my trip to the beach last week and am recuperating from the burn. Hehe :)

I wore this lucky charm bracelet I just got from my mom from Barcelona, it has a pendant of the Lady of Montserrat...I did a bit of research, and I found out she's known as the black Madonna.

People also believe that Lady Montserrat is capable of making miraculous things happen. I hope that by wearing the bracelet, the luck would rub off on me too :)

Photo taken from

They say that there's always a rainbow after the rain. But where is the rain? I've been making my own rain by using rain makers and fountains in our office, even using this rainbow colored playboy watch. I guess it's a fresh change from my boring old silver watch.

I hope everyone reading will try to keep safe from getting burned this summer. It's necessary to check all plugs and cables before leaving the house to make sure nothing will create unwanted sparks. And let's not forget about our own not forget to wear and reapply sunblock. Unless you want to accompany me as I scale like a snake. hahaha :)

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