Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Days

I must admit, I feel bad for not being able to update for a whole week last week.  I don't know which to blame- the drought for ispiration, my laziness or my busyness. To make up for what I hadn't delivered, I took some shots of what I saw during the course of my past week, little things that interested me.  I know I should look harder and be more prepared, just like this morning, while I was having my passport renewed, the best shoe morning occured - I saw lots of amazing shoes stomping around the Department of Foreign Affairs! I hadn't expected so I didn't bring along my camera...too bad.   
This wasn't candid...who wears boots during the summer in this country?? And who said it's easy to ride a bike in heels? :)

Bald Head

This last frame, I found interesting because she had used a necklace as her hair accessory. Something we could try next time perhaps? :)

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