Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thought of the Day...Black

I was reading a book earlier today and came across an article about why choosing the color black for wardrobe is a great choice, and it listed down these interesting reasons:
1. It hides stains.
2. It detracts from poor tailoring and general wear.
3. It goes with all colors.
4. Even the cheapest of fabrics look decent in black.
5. It dresses up.
6. It dresses down.
7. It can be elegant, classic, sexy, funky or mournful.
8. It imparts timelessness to clothes.
9. It has an impressive pedigree - nuns, Audrey Hepburn, beatniks, and Morticia Addams-and is the uniform of fashion editors worldwide.
10. It can go summer or winter.
11. It has a unique ability to stand out, blend in, seduce, repel.
12. What other color does all this and takes off ten pounds? ;)
-Taken from Chic Simple Women's Wardrobe

(I'm not sure if black is still the stereotype uniform of fashion editors worldwide. I love Emmanuelle Alt's style with her predominant use of black, but there are editors like Giovanna Battaglia who actually look great even with the use of color! )


  1. Hi mimi! in high school i used to wear lots of blacks for #12 reason (haha) pero now i tend to wear more colors--but i love all the reasons in your read!:)

  2. Hi Anagon! It's so nice to see you in my blog! Thanks for making a visit :) How is your online shop doing? :)


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