Saturday, October 9, 2010

FAB Bazaar

I went to a fashion and accessories bazaar yesterday in the World Trade Center, or the FAB bazaar.  I ended up spending approximately three hours walking around, and later realized that I didn't spend anything for myself (except for some ferero rocher gelato and parking).  I was hoping to find accessories for myself, instead I went home with my hands full of packages for Christmas gifts for my sisters.  Quite too early for Christmas shopping, no?  In Manila I think it's never too early.  As early as September a lot of people are already preparing for the holidays.  I can even hear the church near us playing Christmas songs through their organ right at this moment.

Anyway, I recommend you to visit the FAB Bazaar, if you can.  They're staying until today, October 10, and they open at noon and close at ten.
Here are some designs from students of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines:
 It's a very lazy Sunday morning here in Manila, and I plan to get back to bed right after I post this. Good night! :)


  1. oh those are pretty cute things. love the yellow and black skirt on the third photos. so mcqueen.

  2. looks really pretty and cool!

    Nici from


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