Monday, September 27, 2010

Papemelroti Vintage

I passed by the train station yesterday and noticed that a man I regularly see hanging around there was no longer there.  He's about sixty, with salt and pepper hair and always sitting on the stairs with his backpack.  I was a regular user of the train during my student days, and had the weird belief that my days were somewhat better when I spotted him in the mornings.  He wasn't like the other beggars, he looked cleaner, or rather fairer, and he was always smiling, which drew me to giving him whatever food or few changes I had with me.  I'm not even sure if he was a beggar, but he never refused anything I gave him.  Anyway, I pondered on my memory of the old man for a while yesterday and ended up with no conclusion as to where he may be now.   

I was only planning to blog about a blazer I got from Papemelroti Vintage, and instead bombarded your screen with blabs about my random thoughts. Back to the jacket, I stumbled upon Papemelroti Vintage earlier this month. It's a store along A. Roces Avenue (right above the Chocolate Kiss Cafe) and they sell vintage stuff which according to the store keeper used to belong to the Papemelroti sisters.  Papemelroti is a brand here that's known for selling stationery and other paper products, they've got stores in almost all SM malls, and I was surprised to find out about this different store.  Do drop by if you're ever around the north area. They're very near Tomas Morato. 
I saw this blazer and really liked the buttons.  It's by a brand called Nipon Boutique, which according to my research is a line that no longer operates.  This info just adds to my impression of this jacket being very vintage. Love it.  :)
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