Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Style Profile: Emmanuelle Alt

Mmm, what's not to like about her style? She is the epitome of rocker chic, bordering perfectly between masculine and feminine.  She is Emmanuelle Alt, fashion director of Vogue Paris. Need I say more? Her look is seamlessly stylish as it is wearable.

Try her style: Pair a rockin blazer with an awesome tank, wear skinny jeans or dark leggings and top with booties. To add some flavor, try some accessories like an aviator or wayfarers, and some statement ring or earrings. Best to cap off the look with carefree hair (just as Emmanuelle does it).

(photos of Emmanuelle from jakandjil)


  1. i really like her pvc/pleather leggings! :) sayang binenta ko yun pair ko before =p
    nice din yun blazers niya! :)

  2. Aw, man. I really want a blue blazer with gold buttons. Can never find a perfect fit though :(

    B from A plus B

  3. Hi Anagon! Bakit mo binenta yun leather leggings mo? Sayang! hahaha I have yet to find a perfect pair that won't make me look "sinuman" :)


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