Saturday, May 15, 2010

Katharine Jett

One good thing about having a lot of sisters get to borrow clothes.  Or sometimes, when they no longer want it, they'd give it to you.   I'm totally digging the flowy fabric of this Katharine Jett dress, which by the way, I'm surprised fits me perfectly. :)


  1. Ang galing niyo mag photoshoot mimi! :) And nice dress! :D
    Minsan naman collab tayo will bring accessories hehe ;)

  2. Sure!! Pick the date! We'd love to collaborate :) Bring Cea along as well, haha :)

  3. My aunt bought me a Katharine Jett top and it fits really well, the material is good and it's so damn cute C:

    Do you know if she has a website? I have no idea where to buy her designs...


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