Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Through the Lens Again

Just recently, my brother and I joined a photography workshop by Imagine Nation.  We held our first class last Saturday, and the class will go on to fill up the next six Saturdays of my summer.  Hopefully, this class would help me remember all and even learn more about drawing with light. In particular, I'm quite excited towards the studio and indoor part of the program.  :)
I took a couple of photos from the studio... 

The founder, John Ong, looking a bit like a certain funny comedian

I'm quite fascinated with my brother pairing a colorful shirt with white jeans
We later had dinner at one of our faves in the North area, Angel's Kitchen.
It looks empty because we came in at 6, by 7 the house was already brimming with people.  We even got the last seats available because all the tables had already been reserved!
Have a great Wednesday today! I hope you've all voted wisely in the elections! :)

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