Friday, April 30, 2010

A Very Limited Lacquer Palette

When I was much younger, my sister painted my nails and would put on a different color on each of my fingernail. And she'd do the same to hers, following the same color scheme. The colors would range from flashy yellow to hot pink, to even lime green.  Now I, no longer a big user of nail polish, was surprised the other night while I was digging through my closet and I realized how my available varnishes was basically composed of just a few different shades of rouge, and cream...(I buy cream polishes because they're so neutral, they're the most appropriate when I have to go to meetings or other formal occasions.)  It surprised me a bit because this limited palette is so different from my love for color. I seem to have changed preferences over the years, with tendencies toward just classics.  There's nothing wrong with the classic colors, I just feel this is the time when we, young girls, have the most right to wearing shocking hues.  Suddenly I pictured myself 30 years from now trying on wild colors, and what would I look like then? 
Next time I go to the mall I'll make sure to pick up some fresh colors, I'll post my new finds when I come back with them. :)


  1. Haha! :D My available nail colors right now are lime, yellow, pink, and sky blue! ;p Theyre new colors from Faceshop and Etude House...but I'll get my neutrals/classics soon :) Or maybe standard black!
    Wearing orange and hot pink since college! Hehe!

  2. Such a bright palette! Summer shades talaga! I should check out Etude House, I've passed through their store in Megamall before but I didn't enter because I thought it was too girly! :)


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