Sunday, March 7, 2010

From the Philippines...Bandolino

My first blog entry and my first pair.

Just this weekend, my brother and I went to the shoe capital of Manila, Marikina, and got these new boots. I got it from a store that still sold Bandolino Leather shoes, a brand that goes decades back and is known for the quality of their leather goods.
I've come to realize I've never invested in boots, these are my first pair, technically - since I've reached my full feet size (I do not count the boots I wore as a child). I guess I could partly blame it to the tropical weather in this country, which makes boots irrational to buy. I do hope I'll be able to use it much in this weather, or better yet, I hope to travel more this year so I'll find reasons to use them. :)
Peace out! - Jane :)

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